Tourism Approach for the Lettered Relic

Here we would talk about tourism approach for the lettered relic. According to linkourism studies, tourism approach is taken by almost all developed and developing countries. We see marketing as an approach towards consumer needs, wants or demands, and tourism as a sociological category. Therefore, changing trends have become a subject of research. The final goal in order to satisfy the mentioned consumer needs based on the application of the social concept of marketing, we turn to those increasingly frequent visitors who expect from travel and stay abroad not only a pure vacation but also the satisfaction of their creative and cultural curiosity. Such satisfaction may be achieved only by means of an adequate marketing strategy to place tourism value on the cultural heritage monuments as part of the overall tourism offer. In this way, we have become part of new trends in tourism – the realization of the humanistic aspect of tourism. The process of the development and creation of a marketing strategy is divided into several stages. The first stage relates to an analysis of external factors, including an analysis of the environment, the competition, the market, and consumers. In the next stage, a SWOT analysis indicates the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in a market and is conducted to help bridge any strategic gap between the current and desired market position. This is followed by defining the mission, by setting the goals and applying suitable strategies to achieve them in an special approach. In this case, special attention is paid precisely to the marketing strategy to ensure the tourism valorisation of the cultural heritage presented through a combination of marketing elements: the market positioning of the entire destination, the tourism product, in this case cultural goods, the target tourism markets, and promotion. The protection and improvement of cultural and historical, primarily construction, values in a market democracy are some of the primary tasks on which Croatia should build its identity. Thus, tourism approach is an critical point for us! Linkourism strongly suggest that new emerging economies must take tourism approach in their essential approaches. It will connect the economy parts together in domestic region. In the other hand, it will produce new, useful and strategic connections with the other countries. Linkourism mentions that tourism approach can find new markets for domestic businesses and new partners too! In this case, using the experiences of the other companies will be useful and critical. Attending international sessions and conferences will convey unique ideas to the decision makers. Tourism approach can help nowadays full tension markets. Almost all business experts announce that one of the best choices to grow economy of a country up is tourism approach.




How can tourism approach act really? A great sample: Croatia

Today, Croatia is emerging from a period. It has been lagging behind the developed world in all economic, relic and social fields. It including in the cultural and relic domain. Many of its cultural aspects and influences still do not match the real modern needs of its inhabitants. Daily, we have been witnessing dramatic efforts to reform the whole social and economic system, applying the criteria of highly developed democracies in an effort to emulate their achievements, where the marketing accomplishments of the developed world have to be particularly taken into account. Abandoning any autarchic orientation and undergoing a transition into a market economy requires the thorough restructuring of the whole macro-economic environment, including tourism. By using an appropriate marketing strategy, it is possible to increase competitiveness, accelerate economic growth, advance economic development, sharpen export penetration, increase living standards, improve the wellbeing of our citizens, and effectively participate in international economic relations and processes. The basic precondition for successful cultural tourism is to produce a meaningful and relevant strategy to valorise the cultural heritage. An acceptable marketing strategy aimed at such a goal could bring about the revival and long-term development and competitive advantages of a whole region. A pertinent strategy should be established in a special approach and implemented to achieve the defined level of efficiency, to reach the set objectives, and to proactively direct future development.

Linkourism can mention that one of the best solutions to establish constant and stable peace is tourism. It can be considered that tourism approach acts just like a secret that everybody knows that but few ones approach according to its instructions. International exhibitions, submitted and national events, regular ceremonies, domestic celebrations, sport champions and leagues. Regional events can be considered too. For instance, religion, culture, entertainment, scientific and art events can play a great role in this special area.

Some other alternatives and solutions can be implemented too. International (and also national) occurrences are very special ones. Some political sessions to establish peace, safety and reconciliation can be established regularly.

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