Paris, Lovely Paris

Paris, Lovely Paris !

If you have a kind characteristic, you have red a French novel for sure! 

If you do love flowers, relaxation, study books -especially fiction books, lovely and romance- you may have had a trip to these cradle: Paris. 

Many famous authors are from this nice city or have selected their story location there. They have knew that almost all their audiences would follow these kind of books and love them. It is full of old professional publications, editorial agencies and great book stores. Also many editors follow their regular nice careers with their full energy. 

Besides, some top famous jewelry stores are located in France heart and shine just like a diamond. You never can ignore this fantastic art -and also an industry- if you have a stylish personality. You -definitely- would love to look that amazing hand-made masterpieces and try them. 

Walking lonely or with your pal in Paris side walks will be an wonderful memory and would get you high top energy. If you could have a great chance, nice rain will accompany with you and would change the atmosphere to a unforgettable one.  

If you quickly glance at Claude Monet’s “The Rue Montorgueil in Paris. Celebration of June 30, 1878” as you visit the Musée d’Orsay, you can instantly recognize individual objects in this scene depicting a french celebration with crowds of people walking in the street. Look closer. The blocks of color on the flags are so blurred you may have trouble distinguishing one flag from the next. The crowds of people in the street are almost inseparable into individual persons. The typical Parisian gates on the bottom of the windows are nothing but dark blotches. Still, you can recognize these objects and people for what they are, even in a painting you have probably never seen before.

Linkourism certainly advice you to have a journey to Paris, lovely Paris to create a fantastic trip for yourself. Try to find somethings that the others can not catch them! We recommend to find some undiscovered points of this great city. Contact us to get more detailed advises:

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