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“Linkourism” links tourism agencies together. It presents tours and other related products and services with the best quality and prices. It tries to develop its network organised by travel agencies, hotels, air lines, tour leaders, shops, restaurants and cafes to convey good feeling to tourists.

Travel Agencies can present their services via Linkourism to promote promote their services and aware their audiences about their facilitation, more.

Hotels can talk here about their rooms and other facilitation to help passengers find them easier.

Airlines can present their flight schedules to inform the passengers about that.

Tour Leaders can announce their activities to set the best tour programs for tourists.

Shops are one of the most referral points that all people refer them. Shops and stores can introduce themselves to tourists.

Restaurants and Cafes will introduce their own unique, local or international foods and drinks to make a trip more fun and memorable for tourists.

If you have a tourism-related business, sign and submit it in Linkourism and promote your idea for free. Hotels, restaurants, coffee shops etc. can join Linkourism!

By sending an email to  linkourism@gmail.com start a simple negotiation and finally send an text (just like a reportage) to introduce your company via linkourism website and its social medias. This process is awfully free of charge (because of linkourism strategy). In your reportage, you can explain your ideas, business strategies and executive plans to gain more market segmentation. Besides, it is possible to put your mail address, web site URL, your social medias addresses and your advertisement photos.

As you know,nowadays international market has a high dynamic situation and small-medium enterprises (SMEs) are forced to act in a high risk competitions. So if a firm can make some work relations to good co-workers, its successful in the market approximately is guaranteed. Sharing new and useful information, experiences, ideas and some favorite events can enrich any part of the company.

Linkourism as a linking party for tourism and entertainment industry, is ready to host you in a friendly and warm work area. It also ready to present and develop new ideas for growing your firm up. If you have any matter or question, please feel free to ask us by sending an email to:  linkourism@gmail.com



You can send us email to:  linkoursim@gmail.com

Please follow the Linkourism Social Networks (Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, LinkedIn, YouTube).

Furthermore you can contact us via Whatsapp with this number: +989137850485