Linkourism Visa Services

Linkourism Visa Services

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Linkourism has started its “Visa Servises” in its services category. Applicants can send their requests to Linkourism to approach their visa applications all over the world. According to latest announce of head of Linkourism Startup, “Linkourism Visa Services” (LVS) covers the Schengen visa, Asian countries vises and Canada visa. LVS applicants has categorized in this way: 



  • Schengen visa 

             To get these visa you must have a good travel history. You have to complete forms and present needed documents (for                        example: job documents, bank account draft, travel insurance, flight tickets and hotel reservation. 




  • Asian countries visa 

              Different Asian countries have different visa process rules and disciplines. Based on your destination, Linkourism Visa                          Services will help you to get your visa easier and faster. The main point that  we have to declare is that we do not guarantee                any visa but you will get the most precise advises for your due. For example due to get United Emirates Arab (UAE) visa you                can go directly to its web site but we suggest that if it is your first try to get UAE visa, be precise to fill the forms. 



  • Canada Visa 

           One of the best destinations for all kind of tourists in all kind of tourism (venture tourism, eco-tourism, health tourism,                        cultural tourism etc.). It can be announce that Canada is the most beautiful country in the west! You can get your “Visitor Visa”             and go there for several times. Of-course, to have Canada visa (for countries whom need to get its visa) is one the most                     complicated processes because of its features. Linkourism Visa Services experts will present you the most honest and real                   guidance to get Canada visa and enjoy your trip there!  



For all cases please feel free to ask your questions or requests by sending an email to:








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