On the Road in Iran: A Quick Glance at Hidden Gems

Here we talk about the topic “on the road in Iran”. What do you recall when you hear the name “Iran” or “Persia”? At first, the names may conjure up images of colorful Persian rugs, adorable Persian cats, or even seductive Persian eyes. If the readers are a bit familiar with the history and culture of the Near East, they might think of cities such as Shiraz or Isfahan, and historical attractions like Persepolis and Pasargad (tomb of Cyrus the Great, founder of the Achaemenid dynasty). While the above mentioned are commonly associated with Iran, the main goal of this article is to focus on some of the lesser known attractions of Iran. On the road in Iran is a nice idea that we suggest consider it in your trip plan.

The political boundary, which is known today as Iran is located in southwest Asia in the region also known as the Near East. This geographical unit is historically known as Persia. Iran is situated at the crossroads of the three continents of Africa, Europe, and Asia. Such strategic positioning has made Iran a significant pathway for human migrations since prehistoric times, and the remains of these early humans have been discovered all across Iran, which some date back to beyond a million years ago. Presence of geographical features such as mountains, deserts, and seas have created lots of distinguishing environmental variations in this land. For instance, one can travel from the Iranian Central Desert (Dasht-e Kavir) with the temperature of 45°C to the Mediterranean forest of northern Alborz Mountains with the temperature of 10°C in less than 2 hours drive. Considering that, I would like to take the readers on a road trip to take a quick look at some of Iran’s less known precious, natural, and historic attractions. Needless to say that in any of the provinces and regions that we are stopping, there are countless historical and natural beauties that we have no option but to close our eyes on them due to a shortage of time and space.

Written by: Hamed Vahdati Nasab



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